What Dr. Alper Loves Most About Being A Dentist

WE RECENTLY ASKED DR. ALPER a few questions about his career. Here are his answers – thought you’d find them interesting!

How old were you, and what made you decide you wanted to become a dentist?

“I became intrigued at about 14, when I had some cavities that needed to be filled. I remember asking my dentist, Dr. Donner, more questions than he probably wanted to answer about everything during the procedure.”

Where did you attend school and how long have you been Practicing?

“I attended dental school in Philadelphia, at Temple University. I’ve been practicing in NYC since my graduation in 2001.”

What advice would you give to a young person considering a career in Dentistry?

“Dental school is quite competitive, so studying hard and getting good grades is important. Equally as important, go intern for a dentist or two. This profession isn’t for everyone, so it’s definitely a good idea to check it out first hand and make sure you will like it.”

What is one thing you find most satisfying about being a dentist?

“I’m obsessed with teeth; It’s just really enjoyable helping people achieve and maintain great smiles.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Dr. Alper better! And, as always, THANKS for being our valued patients and friends!

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