Please find here answers to some of the more common questions patients ask about our dental services. Of course, I’m happy to discuss your particular questions and dental needs at your convenience.

What type of dentistry do you practice?

I practice comprehensive general and cosmetic dentistry. Using the latest proven techniques, I provide my patients with high quality, functional, esthetic dental work.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes. If your plan is an Indemnity or PPO type plan, then I can accept the benefits your insurance company provides. Depending on your particular plan you may have full coverage for some procedures and partial coverage for others.  My office is set up for electronic claims, so you don’t even need to bring any forms and we can submit the claims for you.  My staff would be happy to give you an estimate of your benefits and co-payments or even send in a pretreatment estimate for you – just ask.

What does my insurance cover?

Because medical and dental benefits differ significantly from policy to policy, a review of your specific plan is necessary. If you would like my office to check your plan for you, please call us at 212-777-8160 or email us at reception@alperdmd.com and we can help research your plan information with you.

Usually we need your Name, ID number, Date of Birth, and the telephone number listed on your card.

We will let you know what your estimated insurance benefits are. For deductible, co-pay and non-covered procedures we accept debit card, credit card, cash and checks.

Do you over-book or double-book?

No. I reserve time for one patient at a time. You will have time to talk about your concerns and needs. Since the time is reserved for one patient at a time, if you should need to cancel an appointment, please call as soon as possible so that we may schedule the time for someone else.

Do you use tooth-colored fillings?

Yes. All fillings are tooth-colored.
I do not use metal or mercury fillings (often called silver fillings, even though they contain mostly mercury).
I use white fillings, made of a resin composite. They look natural and are difficult to detect.

Do you use Digital Radiography?

Digital x-rays are captured by a sensor not film. The images are sharper and can be manipulated for better diagnosis.
More importantly, since they require about a sixth of the radiation, patient exposure is greatly reduced.

I have more questions!

Please, don’t hesitate to call the office at 212-777-8160, or e-mail at reception@alperdmd.com for more information.

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